Private Cart Specifications and Inspection Criteria


A. Carts may be for golf use or passenger use (one front and one rear seat). Carts must be similar in appearance to those provided by the Club. It is the owner or lessor’s responsibility to maintain the cart’s overall appearance and to maintain it in sound operating condition.

B. Carts must:

1. Be electrically powered.
2. Be equipped with wheels and tires of manufacturer standard or equivalent. They are limited to either 8 inch or 10-inch wheels with normal tires or 12- inch wheels with low profile tires. No lift kits are permitted.
3. Be equipped with functioning standard brakes and a “parking” brake.
4. Be of white, off-white, light gray or very light tan color, including the body, hard canopy top, drop down golf bag cover and side and rear protective panels (if installed), and seats (or seat covers), with no customizing. Optional pin striping in the colors of gold, silver or black are permitted. Approval must be received before installation of other options or accessories.
5. Be equipped with at least one sand pail or other container for filling divots, if the cart is used for golf.
6. Have working headlights and tail lights.
7. Have a working backup industry standard audible alarm.
8. Have no decals, except the VGCC logo, the vehicle ID number, and the inspection sticker as required in these Rules 18.1 and 18.2.
9. Have no flags, except state, U.S. or special needs flags which must be of a small size and cannot interfere with driver vision.
10. Have no modifications that increase the standard manufacturer’s length of the cart, including no rear extensions to the bag or passenger areas. Except for rear safety bars on 2 bench carts.
11. The cart must be a manufacturer's standard golf model. Standard golf carts are 4'x8'. Any cart design that varies from the standard golf models of a manufacturer, such as one produced as a limited, custom, vintage or special edition are not permitted.
12. Two bench carts are permitted, they may not exceed 4’x10’ in length and are for community use only.
13. The General Manager and Head Golf Professional will be the sole judge if a cart meets these standards. 

C. Carts that accommodate special needs individuals are allowed. Certain cart specifications and inspection criteria may be waived for such carts. All carts inspected prior to November 1, 2019 are grandfathered.