Sue Schultz

Director of Member Experience

photo of  Sue Schultz

Phone: 941-492-9600 x131
Email: [email protected]

Sue Schultz came to VGCC in 2020 with extensive experience in the Club industry, having worked for both public and private communities. A certified notary public, she cheerfully assists our members in everything from forgotten passwords to member surveys and email blasts. Sue also serves as the Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors, and works closely with our Board members on all administrative tasks. In 2021, Sue was promoted to Member Relations and Entertainment Manager. We have an exciting season of events planned, with even more to come now once Sue brings her fun-loving, enthusiastic energy to our event planning. If you have an idea for an entertainment event you'd enjoy, either at the Clubhouse or in the form of a "VGCC field trip," please email Sue at [email protected].